Wales and Trinity

Advantages of North Wales

Fresh North Wales is a popular vacation spot for Brits who want to get away and enjoy the natural beauty, clean air, and gentler rhythm of this quiet invigorating area.
Inexpensive With traditionally less industry than most other parts of the UK and still surrounded by much farmland, this part of the country has some of the lowest prices in terms of food and shopping.
Unspoiled A trip to Bangor (and to most places in North Wales) is like a trip backwards in time. You'll still find lots of small shops, less globalization, and a village culture even in this small city.
Peaceful While modern stores and conveniences are all at hand, this part of the UK is free from the bustle of big cities, and therefore conducive to thinking and learning.
Pure The Trinity School is nestled between mountains, sea, and rolling hills, all reachable in a space of twenty minutes and at a leisurely pace.

Advantages of Trinity Programme

High-Level The Trinity Programme was born under the auspices of and in cooperation with such top-notch universities as Trinity College Dublin, the University of Wales, Greenville College (US), and the University of St. Andrews (Scotland). All of our instructors hold advanced degrees as well as teaching qualifications, and most are also on staff at the local university.
Continuous Instruction with the Trinity Programme does not end when the student leaves the classroom. Our students reside on-site in the UK with English all around them. And students are traditionally placed with local native speaker host families which with they will need to communicate and interact. The lessons from school are thus reinforced throughout the day and into the evening.
Tailor-Made Every course that our school has offered since its inception has been conceived, designed, and/or customized in order to help the student meet specific goals. We test and interview periodically to make sure we are on track. Our lessons are not of the "one size fits all" sort; they are callibrated and planned to bring the student to his or her target in the most direct way possible.
Practiced The Trinity Programme has been in operation since the late 1990s. It was one of the first foundation courses in the UK and its curriculum has since been used as a model by other institutions specializing in taking the student from where he or she is at commencement to where he or she needs to be to advance in academia and career. Several universities trust Trinity's in-house testing to determine English qualification (and will even waive separate IELTS, TOEFL, or TOEIC testing if Trinity scores are high enough).
Japanese-Friendly The Trinity Programme was founded by a Japanese scholar who developed its first curriculum with the Japanese student in mind. Our Director of School in the UK is a native Japanese. The Trinity Programme is also supported by the International Federation of Universities in Kobe and Diplomatt Inc. in Tokyo who can provide assistance, training, and other services prior students' departure to the UK.


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・具体的に研究したいテーマがあり、英国でスキルを学びたい方には専 門の個人指導教官を紹介します。

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