Research and Retreats

• Have a specialized subject that you want to take time out and focus on? We can help design a course to meet your needs and provide you with the materials you may need.

• Many companies and institutions have budgets to fund research retreats, as it’s an accepted idea at the executive level that learning goes further and more gets accomplished when workers take a sabbatical from their regular duties to focus on a specific area of learning.

• The reason more people don’t do research retreats is that they often don’t know where to begin.

Diplomatt Abroad knows.
Let us show you how. Let us arrange the perfect study getaway for you, punctuating your research with rest and recreation. Let us help you do an enjoyable and affordable study trip that will provide the knowledge you crave and the refreshment you need.

• まとまった時間を作り、集中して学びたい科目はありますか?私どもはそのような方々のニーズにもお応えしてデザインをつくります。

• 海外の企業や研究施設では既に受け入れられているサバティカルというシステムがあります。

• 長年働いている従業員は1年ほど有給休暇をもらい、キャリアアップの為に大学、専門学校、また研究室に行き学び続けられるような制度です。

もしご興味があれば Diplomatt Abroad にお任せください。楽しく、最適価格なサバティカルコースのデザインをご提供できます。

Local Culture

Top Notch Faculty

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Space to Unwind


Step up your Test Scores

We offer intensive high-level courses that will bring up TOEIC, TOEFL, or IELTS scores in memorable environment and within a short period time.

Get a Global Degree

We have relationships with quality English-speaking universities in safe areas in countries like the UK, Ireland, and the US. Let us get you in.

Sabbaticals and Retreats

We can design a program and put you with the right supervisor so you can enjoy research in your chosen area supported locally by our team.
・具体的に研究したいテーマがあり、英国でスキルを学びたい方には専 門の個人指導教官を紹介します。

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Let us use our expertise and contacts to put you into the best possible spot
in the English-speaking academic world.

私ども、Diplomatt Abroad にお任せください。あなたの入りたい学校入学のためのサポートいたします。

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