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• To be a global citizen, to build a business that is competitive on an international level, and to understand your field from a world perspective, overseas study can be indispensable.

• Whether your goal is to return to Japan to put your newfound knowledge into practice or to do your practicing abroad, a higher-degree at an international English-speaking institution will forever change how you process the world and how the world responds to you.

• Many Japanese dream of continuing their education overseas, but don’t believe they are qualified. Most don’t realize the respect that the school work you’ve already done in Japan commands overseas and how little time it actually requires—with the right training—to get your English up to a level at which you can qualify for admission to a college, university, or professional school in an English-speaking country.

• Let us help get you there. Let us help you understand how straightforward the process can actually be. Proceed at your own pace. If you decide you’re ready for the excitement of new sights, sounds, people, and learning opportunities, Diplomatt Abroad can assist with your training and handle your applications.

• You’ll be attending classes and taking notes in English before you know it!

• 国際的にもビジネスの競争が増す中で、さらに良識ある世界市民たる資質が求められる中で、世界的な観点からご自分のビジネスの知見深める為にも、現地での留学で得られるものは計り知れません。

• ゴールが日本に戻ってこようが、海外に留まっていようが海外の高等教育機関で得られる卒業証書は、将来へのキャリアに大きなインパクトを与えるはずです。

• 海外留学を夢見る方の多くはいきなり英国の大学へはハードルが高いと諦めがちですが、集中トレーニングと万全なサポート体制のもとで準備すれば十分可能です。

• どのようなプロセスで英国の大学へ入学が可能になるのか? 個別相談会にいらしてください。Diplomatt Abroad が大学の願書提出まで張り付いてお手伝いいたします。

• 夢への切符はもう手にしたようなものです!

Local Culture

Top Notch Faculty

Beautiful Campuses

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Step up your Test Scores

We offer intensive high-level courses that will bring up TOEIC, TOEFL, or IELTS scores in memorable environment and within a short period time.

Get a Global Degree

We have relationships with quality English-speaking universities in safe areas in countries like the UK, Ireland, and the US. Let us get you in.

Sabbaticals and Retreats

We can design a program and put you with the right supervisor so you can enjoy research in your chosen area supported locally by our team.
・具体的に研究したいテーマがあり、英国でスキルを学びたい方には専 門の個人指導教官を紹介します。

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Let us use our expertise and contacts to put you into the best possible spot
in the English-speaking academic world.

私ども、Diplomatt Abroad にお任せください。あなたの入りたい学校入学のためのサポートいたします。

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