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Diplomatt, Inc. is a global-minded interpreting, translation, and international skills training firm that has offered adult courses in Tokyo for over thirty years with the goal of building self-reliant global citizens.

   Diplomatt has a unique relationship with the UK-based Trinity School, an institution dedicated to the idea that a good majority of Japanese knowledge-seekers are well prepared to follow their academic interests overseas. Often it is only the insufficient proficiency in scholarly English and a lack of familiarity with application processes that keeps the Japan-schooled individual from finding his or her way into a university in the West. The Trinity School has had a 95+% success rate at bridging these gaps and helping Japanese students find their way into British, American, Canadian, Irish, Australian, and other European universities for close to twenty years.

Diplomatt, Inc.

When in or near the Kanto area, contact the Diplomatt offices at: 5-3-20 Toranomon Sengoku Annex #505 Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001 03-5472-6090

International Federation of Universities

In or near Kansai, please contact the IFU Kobe office at: 3-1-2 Minato Nakamachi Kobe Port Bridge #4 Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0046 078-303-6321

Trinity School

In or near the UK, you can also contact the Trinity School directly at: Trinity Hall 51-52 High Street, Bangor, Gwynedd UK LL57-1NR 44-01248-362475

Think a course of study in the West is a long way off? It's closer than most realize. The Japanese educational system has international clout and it's usually possible to bring English reading and comprehension skills up to academic standards through a few months of intensive training combined with a workable home stay program. We can also provide preparatory instruction in Tokyo or Kobe.

Let us use our expertise and contacts to put you into the best possible spot in the English-speaking academic world.

留学する為の過程はとてつもなく長い道のりだとおもいませんか? 実はあなたが思っているほど遠くありません。日本の教育システムの高さは国際的に認知されているので(日本人の文法、読解力は既にレベルが高いことも認知されています)数ヶ月の集中トレーニングでアカデミックなレベルまで持って行くのには難易度の高いことではありません。 Diplomatt Abroad は東京、神戸校で 留学前準備コースを行っています。


Local Culture

Top Notch Faculty

Beautiful Campuses

Space to Unwind


Step up your Test Scores

We offer intensive high-level courses that will bring up TOEIC, TOEFL, or IELTS scores in memorable environment and within a short period time.

Get a Global Degree

We have relationships with quality English-speaking universities in safe areas in countries like the UK, Ireland, and the US. Let us get you in.

Sabbaticals and Retreats

We can design a program and put you with the right supervisor so you can enjoy research in your chosen area supported locally by our team.
・具体的に研究したいテーマがあり、英国でスキルを学びたい方には専 門の個人指導教官を紹介します。

Successful students have gone on to...


-- Diplomatt Abroad --

Let us use our expertise and contacts to put you into the best possible spot
in the English-speaking academic world.

私ども、Diplomatt Abroad にお任せください。あなたの入りたい学校入学のためのサポートいたします。

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